No, this isn’t us trying to come up with a whimsical job title. We’re not that funny — well the owner thinks he is, and we do humor him … but … no.  The truth is, this role is so varied, so unique, that coming up with a title for it has been impossible.  

This is as much about who you are, how you manage yourself and why you show up to work everyday — than what you know.

To enjoy this role, here are some core skills you have:

  • You have some knowledge of corporate learning
  • You are self motivated and self managing
  • You have an insane desire to deliver delightful customer service — as in you lose sleep over an unhappy customer 
  • You like to ‘do the right thing’
  • You enjoy learning – and are not afraid to try new things
  • You’re calm under stress
  • You want to work from home

You’d also want to have some of these more technical skills:

  • You can communicate well
    • You can write clearly
    • You know how to listen and ask good questions
  • You can do online research
  • Able to learn and master software apps — like Constant Contact to MS Teams to Spreadsheets
  • You are systems oriented
  • Can use simple graphics programs
  • Knowledge of social media

And if you have these skills, great, if not, that’s ok too:

  • Marketing knowledge
  • Knowledge of video editing 

Education is important.  But your educational history is not something we are that hung up on.   Emotional intelligence and intellect are more important than any degree you have.  

You wouldn’t have gone to school for this role, but it’s perfect for someone who loves learning. 

This role revolves around learning. Our company provides corporate learning support to organizations. We save them time, money and help them get more bang for their buck. It’s important that all our people understand the importance of corporate education and care about the learners’ experience.  

Your prior experience is going to help you land this role.  Particularly if you’ve been involved in learning and development, either as a learning coordinator, learning manager, instructor, instruction designer – any part of corporate learning.  But that’s only one part.  Your experience as an administrative assistant,  program manager, researcher, inside sales person,  marketer or operations manager will all bring valuable skills to this role. 

You are expected to self manage and deliver.  You’ll be working from home.  Your tasks will change as the company continues to grow.  Your day will be a mix of research, talking to clients, attending client meetings with the owner of the company, preparing quotes and contracts, talking to training providers, scheduling and tracking training programs and working on other small projects.

Because your duties are a mix of client facing, and administrative tasks, when you work will be somewhat flexible, however, attending meetings with clients and teammates will happen during the course of normal work hours in the Eastern Time Zone.   

You’ll report directly to the owner of the company, and be his ‘right-hand’ Person. 

Learngistics was launched in 2005, so we have been around a while.  We don’t have bean bag chairs or candy dispensers in the lobby.  Primarily because we don’t have a lobby, but also because we think it’s a bit silly.  We are a small, close knit team without a lot of pretension.  We all work hard and put our clients’ needs first. 

Other than an annual holiday party, we don’t organize many team events, we don’t participate in corporate giving programs, or do a whole bunch of other altruistic stuff either.  We are not a ‘cool’ place to work, but we are a caring, reliable one. Don’t expect to work crazy hours. We expect you to take time off, take your vacations and do what you need to stay healthy and fit, both mentally and physically. We offer nutritional counseling and private, zoom based personal training sessions to any of our team that ask for it.  

Remuneration will start based on a salary of $48K if you are in Canada, with a review following your successful probationary period. Elsewhere in North America we will adjust it to meet the needs of your local economy. We will happily accept applications from digital nomads provided you are available for meetings during our normal work hours in Eastern time.  

If you’ve read this far down – you might be our person. Or maybe you’ve read this far down and are scratching your head, saying “WTF?” – in which case you’re probably not our person. Don’t get us wrong, you’re likely a lovely person, just not the right one for us.

For those of you interested in being our Person, here’s what you need to do:

Start by researching our company, look at our websites (there are three of them), check out our linkedin pages and posts to learn a bit more about us. 

After that send us a submission. Feel free to be creative, but don’t just send a resume. What we are looking for is an example of how you fit our needed skills. Send a submission (like a cover letter, or perhaps a video, or podcast, whatever you think will work) telling us why you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Talk about your experience and how it relates. Let us know why you want to work here, and what excites you about the role. Think of 3 questions you might ask a client who says something like ‘Our team needs training in communications’ and include them, and why you’d ask them. 

While you are in question asking mode, include the most important question you’d like to ask us about the role.  Finally – somewhere in there,  tell us your favorite flavor of ice cream or gelato (if you don’t eat ice-cream make up a flavor).

If you don’t have an up-to-date resume, don’t worry.  Include a resume or not – the submission is the important piece.  It’s how we will decide who to interview, at that point we may or may not ask for a resume.

Even though we’ll likely only get a couple submissions from a crazy job posting like this, if we get a nutty amount of applicants, we will only be able to contact those people who we are interested in speaking to further.

Send your submissions to: We will be accepting submissions until we find that perfect fit – so if this posting is live, we are still looking.

Resources for your research:  (our President)