Team Harmony Workshop:
Fostering Psychological
Safety & Establishing
Effective Team Norms

Psychological safety is the cornerstone of
high-performing teams, fostering an environment
where individuals feel safe to take risks,
express their ideas, and be their authentic selves.

Course Overview

Psychological safety is the cornerstone of high-performing teams, fostering an environment where individuals feel safe to take risks, express their ideas, and be their authentic selves. In this immersive one-day workshop, discover the transformative impact of psychological safety on team dynamics. Understand how it cultivates innovation, boosts creativity, and enhances overall team performance

By creating a space free from judgment and fear, psychological safety empowers team members to contribute their unique perspectives, collaborate more effectively, and embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. Join us as we explore practical strategies and actionable steps to build psychological safety within your team, creating an environment that inspires trust, fosters open communication, and unlocks the full potential of every individual.

The second half of the workshop will explore Team norms, the shared guidelines and expectations that define how team members interact, communicate, and work together. By establishing and aligning these norms, teams can nurture psychological safety, enhance productivity, and achieve outstanding results. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, the team learns how to create team norms that encourage open communication, foster a sense of belonging, and promote shared ownership of goals. Join us and embark on a journey to transform your team into a cohesive, high-performing unit that drives remarkable outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your team’s dynamics and elevate your organization to new heights of success.


Specific Learning Objectives Include

Understand the concept of psychological safety and its role in fostering innovation, creativity, and team performance

Explore strategies for building psychological safety, including embracing vulnerability

Discover the impact of psychological safety on fostering a culture of trust, respect, and open communication within teams

Learn how to create an environment that encourages diverse perspectives, constructive conflict, and risk-taking, leading to enhanced team performance.

Write team norms for your specific team’s needs

Develop skills to create and implement these effective team norms

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Course Outline

1.   Introduction

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Warm up activity
  • Overview of the workshop’s goals and objectives

2. What is Psychological Safety?

  • Defining psychological safety and its importance in team dynamics
  • Discussion of how psychological safety can lead to greater innovation, creativity, and performance
  • Examples of psychological safety in action and its impact on team success
  • Group activity to explore the concept of psychological safety in practice


3. Assessing Psychological Safety in your Team

  • Methods for assessing the level of psychological safety in a team
  • Discussion of common challenges that may prevent psychological safety from being established
  • Group activity to identify areas of improvement for psychological safety in participants’ own teams

4. Building Psychological Safety

  • Strategies for building psychological safety in a team, including active listening, constructive feedback, and vulnerability
  • Group activity to practice implementing these strategies
  • Discussion of common pitfalls and challenges when building psychological safety

5. Creating Team Norms

  •  The role of team norms in establishing psychological safety
  •  Discussion of the process for creating team norms
  •  Group activity to develop a set of team norms that promote psychological safety and support the goals of the organization

6. Establishing the Habit of Team Norms

  • The importance of consistency
  • The significance of giving feedback and recognition regularly How to address deviations and challenges


7. Conclusion

  • Review of key concepts and takeaways from the workshop
  • Action plan:
    • Participants will identify three actions they will commit to in order to achieve psychological safety within their team
    • Participants will identify three actions they will commit to in order to stay true to their team norms
  • Closing activity and final remarks

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