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Professional Virtual Producers and Moderators for Your
Zoom Webinars

Now your speakers and panelists can focus on what’s important

and leave the technology to the pros.


Zoom Webinar Producers for:

  • Educational Webinars
  • Product Launches
  • Town Halls
  • Thought Leadership Panels
  • Shareholder updates and more


Our Zoom webinar producers can support you in English, French, Spanish or Japanese.


Why Use a Zoom Webinar Producer?

You’re ready, you’re excited and you’ve spent hours planning your content and speakers, and marketing your webinar. Now all you need is to make sure it lives up to the hype! A smooth sailing, hitch-free, professional event that your participants will rave about.

That’s where a Learngistics Zoom webinar producer helps – from planning to production to post event briefings – we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Give your attendees the experience they deserve, max out your ROI on your virtual events, and help your presenters and panelists be the best that they can be.

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Zoom Webinar Producers

Our webinar producers transform your events into trouble-free, interactive events that keep the speakersr on track and participants engaged through:

Pre-Webinar Planning And Prep

Our producers spend time upfront to understand the flow of the training and where they can bring the most value. We'll walk you through our proprietary planning process, discuss webinar options, work on event branding and put together a solid run of show, and equally as important, a risk mitigation plan.

During the Webinar

While your speakers and panelists present, we produce. Offering both tech support to participants and platform support to facilitators, we make sure everything goes smoothly.

Post Webinar Reporting

Post webinar debriefing and reporting helps to identify areas for improvement. Full reporting lets you know who attended your webinar, and when.

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Webinar Producer Activities

Before, during and after the course of a webinar, your Learngistics producer will be involved in a number of activities. Here's an example of some of what they do:

Attend and facilitate planning sessions

Set up and administer technical checks

Set up the platform options

Dry runs with facilitators

Set up registration page

Add registration page questions and post event surveys

Set up webinar branding

Set up polls and quizzes

Set participant privileges

Open Webinar

Greet attendees

Introduce Speakers/Facilitators

Explain how to use the platform to participants

Basic technical support

Launch Polls

Monitor Chat and Q & A

Share Video

Share slide decks

Promote/Demote Panelists

Spotlight participants and speakers

Bring in other technology (ie Mural, Jamboards)

Take attendance

Record Meetings

Post-session debrief with facilitators

Delivery of course chat log, Q&A reports, registration and attendance reports, and recording link

Send poll reporting if needed

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Here are a few of the common platforms we work on.

  • Capturing the magic…

    “In March, several of my clients were really struggling. They had cornerstone marketing events disrupted by the pandemic. Incredibly quickly, Louis helped them to reimagine their conference, explore the possibilities of how a virtual event could capture the magic of an in-person event, and he showed them a path forward.” – Jeremy Miller, Sticky Branding

  • It’s all about delight!

    “The Learngistics team consistently delight their customers with world class service. They have been dedicated to supporting corporate learning through live events and virtual presentations for many years. Their experience brings an extra element of innovation to every project. Whether working with partners, suppliers, or clients, they always go the extra mile.” – Mark Ellwood, Get More Done

  • So easy to work with …

    I have been contracting LMT for several years now, primarily for sourcing venues to hold training. The service was always amazing and the team so easy to work with. It therefore came as no surprise that when our country was stopped still due to COVID-19, Louis and team were able to pivot and adapt so quickly. I now contract them for all my production needs as our training has moved to the virtual space. They are able to put our Presenters at ease with a new medium … folks who are used to standing in front of a class … and take away all production related worries, leaving them to focus on delivering material to our learners. Service provision in both English and French, across all times zones, has been awesome. It’s easy to see that as a company, they put great priority on being efficient and effective … booking and billing are as easy as actual classroom time. A pleasure to work with AND recommend. – Jane Bradbrook, Program Manager, MFD and PFS, RBC

  • We love giving pleasure …

    “Learngistics team is always quick to respond and help, even at the 11th hour! They are a pleasure to work with and have been a great help in assisting with the virtual production of our larger online events.” – Shelby Gobbo, Go Roundtable

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