Virtual Training and the Corporate Firewall

When setting up virtual training sessions, it is a good idea to check with the company’s IT department to find out if the corporate firewall will even allow the training to take place. Some companies – with good reason – have set up firewalls that restrict access to certain websites and tools, and may make it difficult to provide some types of learning. Either you would have to adjust some of your learning content and methods, or the company will need to relax some of its restrictions for the duration of the training.

Working with remote accessibility policies and settings

Even with the rise in remote work and training – or because of it, more correctly – companies have had to set limitations on what employees can and can’t access. This usually involves a set of security measures, such as whether or not employees must use company-issued devices or can log in on their private ones, or remote access software with specific settings and limitations. When you set up training sessions, you need to work with the IT department to ensure that the policies and settings will allow them to take place. 

One of the safest ways around this is to use a direct access approach that enables training attendees to log into the training platform, while blocking them off from any other locations on the network that they may not have the clearance for. This is particularly useful if some or all of your trainees are not employees. Direct access applications enable users to gain full access to specific work applications, rather than giving them full access to the entire network. In this way, you should be able to allow full access to all training materials, without having to worry too much about corporate security. Speak to your IT specialists and/or virtual producers about this and other measures to make remote learning possible.

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