What are the Best Platforms for Virtual Training?

Perhaps the most important consideration as you prepare for virtual training is what platform you should use. There are many conferencing platform options available, from Skype to Zoom and Webex. With your producer’s help, you need to select the one that is just right for you. It is not always optimal to conduct training sessions on platforms that are designed for meetings. Instead, look for purpose-built platforms with specific features designed to increase learner engagement and facilitate the learning process. 

Let’s take a look at three digital platforms that are best suited to remote training.


Webex is a widely used video conference platform. Cisco, the developer of the software, has created a special version of the platform designed for training. The main benefits of Webex Training are its multimedia sharing features, as well as the ability to create virtual breakout rooms, threaded Q&A and chats. You can also run polls, set up a platform for attendee feedback. An integrated test engine allows you to measure your learners’ progress, and a visual attention indicator gives you the ability to gauge group and individual attentiveness at any time during a session.


Zoom also has plenty of features to help you create highly engaging online environments for learning. Chat, virtual whiteboard, and breakout groups all make it possible to present learning material and enable interactive engagement so that learners can grasp the teaching, ask questions, discuss and provide feedback.

Microsoft Teams

Aside from being a good platform for online meetings, Microsoft Teams offers several features for online training too. Learners can easily share their assignments and related documents with instructors and other students, without having to send any emails back and forth. The platform provides a location where all of these materials can be kept and accessed. Chat and meeting functions also help to enhance the training experience – both in formal sessions and in follow-up one-on-ones.

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