What Is a Virtual Classroom?

What is a virtual classroom?

Virtual classrooms are the training venue of the future – and the events of the past few years have brought that future firmly into the present. Corporate training providers and other educational institutions are making use of virtual classrooms to present their programs to remote learners. What are these online spaces and how do they work?

The essentials of virtual training

A virtual classroom is an online space in which learners can attend training delivered by remote instructors. Online video conferencing platforms are used to organize and conduct virtual training, facilitating engagement between the learners, the trainers and the material. Virtual classrooms provide a controlled environment while helping to make the learning experience interactive and engaging. 

Using virtual classroom platforms, instructors can share and display learning materials, including slides, multimedia files and other documents, making use of the special tools provided on virtual conferencing platforms. They can also use screen-sharing and virtual whiteboard functions to provide further visual aids and to illustrate the concepts they are addressing. Virtual training platforms even have the functionality to split classes up into breakout sessions, record the classes and moderate learner participation.

What is required to set up virtual classrooms?

As long as participants have a connected device and a decent internet connection, they can take part in virtual classroom platforms. The platforms themselves are designed for easy and intuitive use without much prior instruction, if any. The idea is to join the class and start learning without either the student or the trainer having to worry about the technical aspects of the class. A dedicated virtual classroom producer can manage all of the technical aspects and virtual logistics to ensure that the training runs without a hitch.

Virtual classrooms enable effective and convenient learning, and the available software makes the experience relatively easy. Virtual training can even be carried out more affordably and manageably than in-person sessions, as they require less in the way of physical logistics and support functions such as catering. 

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