What Virtual Training Platform Should I Use?

It seems that as the popularity of virtual training grows, so does the number of platforms available to facilitate it. There are currently many platforms available, ranging from modified conference software to dedicated online training programs. Which one should you use for your sessions?

The top five virtual classroom platforms

At the moment, virtual trainers choose between five leading platforms:  Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Adobe Connect.


Zoom is primarily a conferencing platform, but it can be used for training sessions, and upgrades and additions are available to make it more effective for that purpose. Its Enterprise edition can host up to 500 people per session and features personal meeting rooms, virtual backgrounds, calendar integration, multiscreen sharing and more.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the successor to Hangout Meet. It provides secure video meetings for teams and organizations, with the capacity to create breakout rooms and Q&As. This enterprise-grade video conferencing package includes encrypted calls, noise cancellation and live captions.


Webex’s business plan allows hosts to accommodate up to 200 participants. It offers HD audio and video, screen sharing, group messaging and more. 

Microsoft Teams

Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 business software package. It enables video and audio conferencing and virtual events. It also breakout functions and offers secure access via several devices.

Adobe Connect

Adobe is a relative latecomer to the virtual conferencing market. Its offering, called Connect, was only launched in 2019. However, whereas the other packages on this list are essential conferencing platforms that can be used for training, Connect is specifically geared for virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Offering polls, Q&As, and advanced customization options, Connect can host up to 1,000 participants per session.

Although all of these platforms are essentially designed to do more or less the same thing, they each offer a slightly different set of tools. Some are better for breakout sessions, for example, while others have great video/audio sharing functionality. Once you explain your needs to a virtual classroom producer, they will be able to help you choose the best option for your classes.

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