Why You Need a Virtual Producer

Many companies are taking their training into the virtual arena. It is a necessity in the post-COVID world, and it also helps to improve convenience and efficiency. The physical and logistical requirements of in-person training are removed from the equation. However, remote training comes with its own needs and challenges, which is what makes a virtual producer so important.

Everything takes longer being done virtually

When moving from live to virtual training delivery, one of the first things you notice as an instructor is that everything seems to take longer. Technology is intended to increase speed and efficiency. Ironically, however,  it can act as a bit of a buffer that slows down communication between instructors and facilitators.  When refactoring learning to be delivered virtually, care must be taken to consider the differences between delivering in-person and via an online platform. It is the virtual producer’s task to manage these technical issues and smooth the progress of online training sessions.  

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What do virtual producers do?

Virtual producers help to organize and oversee training sessions. Instructors and facilitators must be able to deliver training materials on schedule and uninterrupted, without having to worry about the technology. Producers can handle the logistics while facilitators get on with their work. 

Virtual classroom producers assist with pre-class planning, offer tech and platform support to facilitators and participants during the training, and report on the class once it is wrapped up, ensuring constant improvement for future courses. 

Your producer will work with you to create a tech guide for your courses and will take you through a dry run before each scheduled class. During the class, the producer will handle tech support, troubleshooting, and backup plans to keep everything running on schedule and without any glitches.   

Whether you call them virtual classroom producers, hosts, technical support, co-facilitators or sherpas, producers help to improve the learner experience and free your instructor to focus on teaching, not pushing buttons.  

Learngistics specializes in facilitating and supporting both virtual and live training events and learning programs for corporations. Contact us for more information and to see how our virtual producers can help you access and optimize your hybrid or virtual training.