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The Two Types of Virtual Producers

So, you’ve realized that a Virtual Producer would be beneficial for you online facilitators, but where do you start? Where are all of these Virtual Producers hiding and, most importantly, what kind of producer would help your team best? Ponder no further- this is your quick guide to Virtual Producers and where to find them.  … Continued

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    Delighting Clients is part of our DNA

    At Learngistics, we help businesses streamline the learning process through various verticals. We support small, medium, and large businesses in building unique and effective training and development programs and events for their teams. Founded in 2005, we’ve been at the forefront of implementing technology solutions to improve learning management for our partners. When it comes … Continued

    Technical considerations for virtual training

    Physical classrooms certainly have their fair share of technical requirements, but virtual classrooms are entirely dependent on technology. As a trainer preparing for online training sessions, you need to be aware of your technological needs and constraints. Obviously, a quality camera and audio equipment are essential, but there are other factors to consider too. Trainers … Continued