We needed to create an online product launch event that would allow our client to connect with their clients in a meaningful way.

10 Days

Duration of Event


Live Productions


Pre-recorded learning bytes

Event Mix

Guest Speakers
Pre-recorded workshops
Virtual Venue

Special Challenge

To bring learning opportunities, product line launches and promotion of a new 3D showroom into a virtual trade show type event and keep it engaging.  Our client is known for having ‘destination’ booths at their industry trade shows and we needed to maintain that same level of quality in the online production.


The program ran over 10 days.  We combined live content in the form of speakers and product launches, and each day we introduced new recorded learning bytes of interest to our clients customer base.  We gamified the entire program so that participants who engaged fully had the opportunity to earn points and prizes.  We folded the entire event into a customized  virtual venue that had links to their 3d showroom and sales contact pages.

Case Studies

  • Deighton DUC 2020

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  • Skip The Dishes – Virtual Leadership Summit

    How to turn what could be another boring Zoom meeting in an engaging event.
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  • RBC – Virtual Classroom Producers

    Bringing assistance to facilitators and instructors delivering mission critical training using a Webex environment.
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