This was a ½ Day event to recognize accomplishments within the leadership team.  It featured a keynote speaker, mixology demo, magic show and trivia.  The event was hosted in a branded platform.  The speaker was produced as broadcast quality and the went into a collaboration room for Q & A.  All other events were held in individual virtual rooms.



3 Hours

Event Duration

9 Days

Planning Time

Event Mix

Virtual Venue
Speaker Engagement
Event Kits

Special Challenge - Make It Fun!

Although this could have been produced as a linear Zoom meeting, the client wanted an elevated experience that reflected the importance and significance of the content of the event.

Solution - Turn a Meeting into an Event

By moving it into its own virtual platform and separating the events into different virtual rooms, it lent a feel of higher sophistication and brought the event the level of prestige the client was looking for.

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