We were hired to provide ongoing production virtual classroom production services for critical financial services training courses. 

Special Challenge - Multiple Time Zones

CFI has clients all over the country and their course start times reflect that.  We needed to be able to produce events that happen across 5 time zones.


We cross trained a number of producers on the CFI program so that our available producer pool was large enough to handle the need. 

Case Studies

  • Virtual Classroom Producers for On-boarding Training

    Onboarding hundreds of new employees virtually is a challenge. Our virtual producers helped ease the pain.
    View Case Study
  • Skip The Dishes – Virtual Leadership Summit

    How to turn what could be another boring Zoom meeting in an engaging event.
    View Case Study
  • RBC – Virtual Classroom Producers

    Bringing assistance to facilitators and instructors delivering mission critical training using a Webex environment.
    View Case Study

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